Cook Entuit 24Fr Tube visual guide

(5-minute read)
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Before using this document, thoroughly read Gastrostomy Tube Insertion and The Insides® System Instructions and Technical Description.

This work instruction is to act as a visual prompt and reminder of the key tasks, but does not contain all the necessary information.

1. Prepare the workstation.

  • Gloves
  • 10ml syringe
  • 10ml sterile water
  • Cook Entuit 24Fr Tube
  • Lubricant
  • Scissors
  • The Insides
  • Ostomy appliance

Prepare the Cook Entuit 24Fr tube.


Double bung the Enteral meds only port and remove the cardboard tag

Inflate the balloon with 10mL sterile water to ensure the balloon is symmetrical. Then deflate the balloon

Lubricate the tip of the Cook Entuit 24Fr tube

2. Digitally palpate the distal limb of the enterostomy or enteroatmospheric fistula. This is to gauge any narrowing, direction, and distance to fascia.

3. Insert the Cook Entuit 24Fr tube into the distal limb of the intestinal tract.  

Slowly insert the tube with the dominant hand.

Guide the tube further into the stoma with the non-dominant hand to the predetermined length.

Move the cuff so it sits 1-2 mm from the Stoma outlet.


4. Inflate the Cook Entuit 24Fr balloon with 4ml of sterile water.

5. Thread the baseplate over the tube and adhere it to the skin around the stoma.

6. Connect the Insides Pump to the FEED ONLY port of the Cook Tube. The tube should be pressed up to the second ring of the pump

7. Place the tube in the Ostomy appliance and connect the bag to the baseplate.


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