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Nutrient absorption in the Gastro-Intestinal System


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Nutrient absorption in the Gastro-Intestinal System

December 9, 2021

When a patient has a high output enterostomy (HOPE) or enteroatmospheric fistula(EAF), it is vital the position of the proximal outlet is known. All of the intestine distal to the HOPE/EAF is defunctioned and will no longer be able to absorb the nutrients shown in the figure below. The sooner that the chyme is able to be reintroduced to this defunctioned intestine using The Insides® System, the sooner a more normal intestinal absorption profile can be achieved.

Written by

Emma Ludlow
CNS Stomal Therapist
PG Dip. Stomal Therapy, MNurs (Hons)

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