Providing a new standard of care for colorectal patients

The Insides System has been granted Breakthrough Device Designation by the US FDA as it addresses a high unmet clinical need.

The Insides® System is now commercially available in the United Kingdom, Europe and New Zealand after being CE-marked and registered on the New Zealand MedSafe WAND database.

*The Insides System is not available in other markets.

Insides System

The Insides System refeeds chyme back into the distal intestine, improving patient health outcomes.

Chyme Reinfusion is recommended by the European Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN) and American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN) for the nutrition in patients with acute intestinal failure.

The existing literature also favours chyme reinfusion for its ability to restore intestinal continuity, and improve intestinal function, hydration and the nutritional status of the patient. The benefits of chyme reinfusion improves recovery and conditions patients for definitive surgery.

A world-first device that delivers significant clinical outcomes and economic savings

The Insides System enables patients to recommence oral feeding and wean off the expensive therapy of parenteral nutrition. This reduces their length of stay in hospital and potential complications.

The Insides System
The Insides Driver,Tube,Pump

The Insides® Driver

Connects magnetically to The Insides Pump via the outside of the patient's ostomy appliance whenever the patient needs to power the pump and refeed the content of the ostomy appliance back into their distal intestine.

*The Insides System is not available in other markets.

The Insides® Pump

Sits within the ostomy appliance, and pumps the chyme into the distal intestine via The Insides Tube

The Insides Pump

The Insides® Tube

Inserted into the distal intestine and connected to The Insides Pump, serving as a conduit for chyme

The Insides Tube
Greg O Grady with The Insides System

Greg O’Grady
Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

“Chyme refeeding reduces recovery time, while minimising harms attributed to a defunctioned colon.”

A world-first device pioneered and
co-developed with colorectal surgeons.

The Insides System has been developed on the back of 30+ years of clinical experience in gut nutrition, along with research and development from one of Australasia’s top Universities.

Ian with The Insides System

Professor Ian Bissett
Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

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