Why does the Tube keep falling out?

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There are 3x Insides Tubes provided in The Insides System to help mitigate any tubes falling it. It is expected that the tube will fall out at least once in the first week.

There are 3 possible reasons for this:


  • The patient accidentally pulls it out when they change their ostomy appliance.
  • Peristalsis is pushing the tube out. The Tube usually stays in for 1- 2 days and then spontaneously slides out. Encourage the patient to hold Tube retention sleeve when reinfusing and walking around. After the first week, this should stop because true peristalsis has been re-established. The Insides Clip will assist with this.
  • The surgical cut in the fascial layer, where the proximal and distal end is brought through, is too wide to retain the bulbous feature of Tube, so it just slides out. The Insides Clip will assit with anchoring it in place. However, please talk with The Insides Company Clinical team if this continues.

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