Discharge Planning Checklist

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Patient independence

☐Is the patient independent with using The Insides® System and simple trouble shooting?

☐Is the patient independent with their ostomy cares in relation to Tube and Pump management?

☐Has the patient been given advice on signs and symptoms of dehydration and other complications that require them to return to hospital? (Return advice)



☐Has their medication been reviewed and reconciled by the Pharmacist?


Community Stomal Therapy Team

☐Have the receiving stomal therapy team received training on The Insides® System and patient management?

☐Does the stomal therapy team know how to order Refill kits?

☐Is there wound care follow up required?

☐Ensure contact details for clinical support with The Insides® Company have been provided.


Patient information and supply

☐Has a surgical team follow up plan been arranged for the patient?

☐Does the patient have the contact details for their local stomal therapy nurse?

☐Does the patient have all the necessary information brochures on diet and fluids, device troubleshooting etc?

☐Do they have a lab form for bloods once discharged home?

☐Does the patient have enough ostomy supplies and Insides™ Pump’s for the first two weeks at home?

☐Is the patient able to access/pick up their discharge medication?


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