Can I use a night bag attachment to capture my night-time output?

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Yes, but you must complete the following steps to do it safely. Please refer to the Patient Management section in the training hub. 

  • Reinfuse all chyme sitting in the ostomy appliance immediately before attaching the night bag.
  • Take any short-acting medication at least four (4) hours before attaching the night bag. This ensures the medication has been digested and reinfused before the night bag has been attached so there is negligible medication sitting in the night bag.
  • Chyme sitting in the night bag must be reinfused within eight (8) hours. For example, if the patient attaches the night bag at 10pm they must wake up and reinfuse what is sitting in the night bag between 5am – 6am. If chyme sits in the ostomy appliance for longer than eight (8) hours, it should be discarded.

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