Patient Experience
Mandy Brown
Medical History

• Incontinence 42 years – colostomy formation (Parastomal hernia)

• June 2022 – Laparotomy, for strangulated hernia, double barrelled jejunostomy and end colostomy

• 10.01.2023 – Laparotomy reversal of Jejunostomy removal of bowel, reconstruction, hernia repair with mesh and end colostomy

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I underwent an operation in June of 2022 by Professor Harris at Swansea hospital. I had to have some of my small intestine removed, and it wasn’t safe to join the bowel back together, so I had a double barrelled jejunostomy and end colostomy.

I was on TPN 7 days for 12 hours per day due to a high output stoma and restricted fluids. I had to stay in hospital until the consultant could reverse my stoma.

Professor Harris (Consultant) and Glynis Morris (Lead stoma care Nurse) discussed with me using a device called The Insides System in September 2022, which is a machine that will suck up the contents of the stoma bag and infuse it down the lower part of the bowel to allow the bowel to work normally. I was informed that this meant I could get all the nutrition I needed delivered to the bowel where it is of most benefit, and that I might be able to stop the TPN and hopefully go home with the device and get well enough for the next operation to close the stoma.

The Insides System was placed sometime in October 2022 and Glynis, my stoma nurse gave me all the support and information I need to use the device. I was shown how to reinfuse my stool daily and use a night drainage bag at night. I was shown how to change the pump which was done every 3rd day which I had to do myself when I went home. I did have issues with reflux from the stoma when I was reinfusing back as I was using I higher speed, then I was told to use 1 or 2 speed and do the reinfusing when the stool covered the pump. I was reinfusing about 70 – 80% during the day.

I did get discomfort when I first started and then it eased off, I was constipated and I was given Laxido (Laxative) into my stoma bag and then used the driver to reinfuse so I could clear my bowel downstream, which worked.

I was on TPN from June – October then stopped and my medication loperamide was reduced from 32 tablets QDS to 4 – 6 tablets per day. I was informed I could go home for the next couple of months with The Insides System and would have to come back once a month to have my tube changed by Glynis and collect my pumps.

I was reinfusing 80 – 85% during the now once I was home.

I was discharged October 2022 without TPN and was able to eat and drink, I was so glad I was able to go home on The Insides device with my family otherwise I would still have to be in hospital and on TPN, which is not good for your mental health.  

The plan was to bring me back in January 2023 and operate to reverse the stoma and then I wouldn’t need the device anymore.

I had my reversal on 10.01.2023 – Reversal of Jejunostomy removal of bowel, reconstruction, hernia repair with mesh and end colostomy.

I am so grateful to Professor Harris and Glynis who allowed me to have The Insides System for a better quality of life.

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