Patient Experience
John Grant
Medical History

• Enteroatmospheric Fistula (EAF)

• Used The Insides System for 10 months

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I had been very unwell for almost 5 years with complications & many surgeries to fix an abdominal hernia, battling with continuous infections. Parts of the large abdominal mesh had been removed & it was eventually decided to remove the rest to stop further complications. A major operation was carried out to achieve this. The operation was thought to be successful but during the following night my stomach swelled until the operation site burst open! Sepsis had occurred and it felt like my bowel just appeared on my stomach. It was a disaster.

I spent 3 months being tube fed in hospital and intravenous feeds and struggling to keep the stoma pouch on for longer than 12 hours due to the large size of the woundand folds of my tummy. My surgeon found the downstream hole of the fistula, so it was decided to try the Insides Company device. It wasn’t easy in the beginning but allowed me to be discharged home with support from the Wound / Stoma Nurses. My wife and me struggled through the following months, finding a routine and becoming used to the regular pumping & diet restrictions. Problems occurred mostly with the leaking from the stoma bags. The fistula was in an awkward place and it seemed impossible to stop the leaks, with them often happening during the night. In the last 6 months, I ended up sleeping in a lazyboy chair to keep the stoma bags on for longer.

About 12 months after the disastrous surgery and 10 months after starting the refeeding machine, it became time to operate to repair the bowel & large open wound. I was warned of the risk of the major operation but it was the only way to achieve leading a somewhat normal life!! With prayer & the skills of two very skilled surgeons, a miracle occurred & the result was better than I could have ever expected.

It is coming up 18 months since I had my bowel repaired and the fistula reversed and it feels like a distant memory. I now lead a normal life without the dreaded infections & pain.

My grateful thanks to the care of wonderful nursing staff, surgeons & The Insides Company.

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