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The Insides Webinars - Introducing Chyme Reinfusion Therapy

Join Surrinder Kaur, Clinical Educator and Stoma Care Nurse at The Insides Company, to understand what automated chyme reinfusion is.

Surrinder will also demonstrate this on a patient education model using The Insides System. We will then discuss the application of automated chyme reinfusion for patients with intestinal failure. This will be followed by an open Q&A session. The webinar is expected to run for 15 minutes, with the Q&A running as long as required.

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Panelists in order of appearance:
Surrinder Kaur

Surrinder is an experienced Clinical Nurse Specialist with 30+ years of nursing experience in both the NHS and private sector since qualifying as a State Enrolled Nurse in 1990 and then converted to a Registered General Nurse in 1994. During this time, Surrinder has developed a vast wealth of skill & knowledge within the Colorectal & Urology Surgical Speciality. Surrinder also worked as Clinical Nurse Advisor for over 10 years providing Total Pararenal nutrition with Clinovia LTD & Calea UK.

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