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Preparing to use Chyme Reinfusion Therapy Webinar

Listen to Professor Ian Bissett as he talks through the lessons in surgery when dealing with complications, the indications for chyme reinfusion therapy, and preparing your patient to commence therapy.

This webinar is 14 minutes.

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Panelists in order of appearance:
Ian Bissett

Ian Bissett is a Professor at the University of Auckland, with his public hospital practice based at Auckland Hospital. He trained in General Surgery in New Zealand, gaining his Fellowship in 1987.
He then practiced surgery in a Regional Hospital in Nepal before returning to New Zealand in 1998. Since then he has specialised in Colorectal Surgery, completing an MD involving research into the assessment and treatment of rectal cancer.
He has also completed the post fellowship training programme in Colorectal Surgery of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. His ongoing research interests relate to colorectal cancer and defaecatory disorders.

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