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Clinical Introduction to The Insides System - The Nurses Perspective

Proudly sponsoring this Webinar Series:

The National Nurses Nutrition Group (NNNG) and The Insides Company presents "Clinical Introduction to The Insides System - The Nurses' Perspective".

Join a group of experienced health professionals as they share the practical experiences of managing chyme reinfusion therapy (CRT) using The Insides System, a purpose-built device for intestinal failure and rehabilitation.

Disclaimer: The NNNG does not promote or endorse The Insides CRT. As hosts of the webinar, the NNNG is providing their members with a learning opportunity involving new innovations in the field of nutrition support.

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Panelists in order of appearance:
Professor Ian Bissett

Colorectal Surgeon & Clinical Director of the New Zealand National Intestinal Failure and Rehabilitation Services - "Clinical Outcomes with Chyme Reinfusion Therapy"

Surrinder Kaur

Stoma Nurse Therapist at The Insides Company - "Practice Experience with Chyme Reinfusion Therapy"

Sylvia Turner

Lead Stoma Care Nurse at the Imperial College of London - "Case Study using The Insides System"

Angela Cascarino

Lead Colorectal Nurse at Leeds Teaching Hospital - "Troubleshooting, Hints & Tips using The Insides System"

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