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The Insides Company Launches The World’s First Chyme Reinfusion Medical Registry

The Insides Company Launches The World’s First Chyme Reinfusion Medical Registry

July 7, 2022

The Insides Company is proud to announce the launch of a first in world chyme reinfusion medical registry.

The use of medical registries to understand the efficacy and safety of treatments has been a key part of post market assessment for many years.

The Insides Company’s award-winning flagship product, The Insides System, is a patient managed therapy that enables restoration of intestinal continuity, allowing patients to recommence oral feeding and significantly improve clinical outcomes.

The registry will provide a platform for clinicians using The Insides System to record both the clinical and patient reported outcomes of chyme reinfusion. The registry will support the documentation of evidence around chyme reinfusion in intestinal failure patients and enhance the knowledge in this evolving treatment space. To further support these objectives clinicians can apply to use the data to in relevant publications.

The first sets of data have already been entered for patients treated in New Zealand, the first records from the UK shall be entered soon with other key markets to follow such as France and Australia.

By creating this global registry, The Insides Company continues in its commitment to support intestinal failure patients and clinical teams across the world.

About The Insides Company

The Insides Company is a leading designer and manufacturer of purpose-built chyme reinfusion solutions for patients with intestinal failure. The company's devices demonstrate significant improvements in clinical and economic outcomes for patients requiring intestinal rehabilitation.

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