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The Insides Company and Théradial Sign Distribution Agreement for Chyme Reinfusion

The Insides Company and Théradial Sign Distribution Agreement for Chyme Reinfusion

June 20, 2023

Press Release

Source:The Insides Company Limited

On:20th June 2023

Organisations:The Insides Company Limited, Théradial SAS

The Insides Company, a medical technology company focused on the development and commercialisation of novel chyme reinfusion therapy (CRT) devices for the treatment of intestinal failure, today announces Théradial SAS as exclusive distributor for France, following receipt of PECT reimbursement.

Théradial is a French company founded in 1998, specialising in the distribution of medical devices, pharmaceutical specialities, and oral nutritional supplements, intended for gastroenterology, clinical nutrition, nephrology-dialysis, and oncology. Théradial President Frédéric Le Pottier remarked “Théradial is proud to distribute The Insides System for French patients. This is a very promising innovation, which is part of Théradial's strategy to improve the nutritional care of patients.” Garth Sutherland, CEO of The Insides Company, commented “we have been working with the excellent team at Théradial for some time now and we are very pleased to now formally progress this relationship. Théradial understand the history of chyme reinfusion in France and have a strong network in clinical nutrition and sepsis management, and so are ideal for representing our products in France.”

About Type II Intestinal Failure and Chyme Reinfusion Therapy

Type II intestinal failure is the inability of the gut to absorb necessary water, macronutrients, micronutrients, and electrolytes to sufficiently sustain life without intravenous supplementation or replacement. This can be due to malabsorption (small bowel mucosal disease), surgical resection (short bowel syndrome), fistulae, dysmotility, or mechanical obstruction. Under the standard care pathway, patients recovering from colorectal surgery often have an enterostomy created to divert intestinal contents (chyme) away from the surgical site as it heals. The enterostomy is typically left open for 6-12 months, and during this time the chyme that is collected is disposed of, which can result in intestinal failure and other complications. The Insides System is a purpose-built medical device for performing chyme reinfusion therapy. Chyme reinfusion is a practice in the management of patients with high-output enterocutaneous fistulas, and high-output enterostomies.

About Théradial

Théradial diversified itself over the past 25 years with the goal to offer innovative and differentiating medical technology and products to French patients. Théradial is guided by its mission:"Commitment to care" which is rooted in these 4 values:conviviality, listening, perseverance and innovation.

About The Insides Company

The Insides Company has commercialised 30 years of clinical experience in gut nutrition into breakthrough medical devices. The Insides Company’s mission is to provide universal access to chyme reinfusion therapy through revolutionary products and education to establish a new standard of care.


The Insides Company

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