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The Insides Receives Funding Recommendation in South Africa from Momentum Health Solutions

The Insides Receives Funding Recommendation in South Africa from Momentum Health Solutions

July 9, 2024

Source:The Insides Company Limited

On:9th July 2024

Organisation:The Insides® Company,Momentum Health Solutions, Momentum Metropolitan Holdings

The Insides Company, a leading provider of medical devices that perform chyme reinfusion for the treatment of patients with severe intestinal failure, announces funding recommendation of its products by Momentum Health Solutions, a leading health insurer in South Africa.

This reimbursement recommendation has been awarded under Momentum’s Medical Scheme and covers The Insides Company’s products for both adult and paediatric intestinal failure. The Momentum Medical Scheme is a division of Momentum Metropolitan Holdings that manages the medical aid coverage for its clients. It is the largest restricted medical scheme in South Africa and is also the fastest growing open medical scheme in South Africa. Momentum provide a number of restricted schemes to blue-chip corporate brands and state-owned enterprises.

From a health payer or insurer’s perspective, chyme reinfusion therapy offers significant cost savings that are generated from 1) reductions in patient supplementary clinical nutrition requirements, 2) reductions in clinical complications, and 3) early discharge from hospital. For the greater majority of patients, chyme reinfusion therapy can be self-managed once the patient has stabilised.

Garth Sutherland, CEO of The Insides Company, said, “We are very grateful to the clinical policy team at Momentum for their decision to fund our products that deliver superior clinical outcomes for patients at a lower cost of care. This is the first reimbursement recommendation received from a Medical Aid in South Africa, and a reflection of the sophisticated health economics analysis performed by the policy team at Momentum. Our thanks also go out to our colleague Mark Brand for his support in-market, and to our distribution partner for South Africa, First Medical.”

About Momentum

Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited (MMH) is a publicly listed South African-based financial services group that conducts its business through operating brands Metropolitan, Momentum, Guardrisk and Eris Properties. Momentum Health Solutions has a strategic focus is to support communities by enabling and delivering sustainable, integrated outcomes-based healthcare solutions.

About First Medical Company

First Medical are dedicating to brining the most technologically advanced medical products to South Africa and surrounding countries. First Medical are the distributor of The Insides products in South Africa.

About The Insides Company

The Insides Company is a provider of life-saving medical devices that are purpose-designed to perform chyme reinfusion therapy for the treatment of patients with severe intestinal failure. The Insides Company’s vision is ‘a world that refeeds’.


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