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The Insides Company and Obex Medical Announce NZ Distribution Agreement

The Insides Company and Obex Medical Announce NZ Distribution Agreement

October 13, 2020

Press Release
: The Insides Company Limited

On: Tuesday 13th October 2020
Companies: The Insides Company Limited, Obex Medical Limited

Obex Medical Limited has been appointed the official distributor for The Insides Company’s medical devices for the New Zealand Market.

Garth Sutherland, CEO of The Insides Company said “The Insides Company is very pleased to be working with Obex, an outstanding medical device distributor who have an exceptional reputation”.

Pieter Wijnhoud, CEO of Obex Medical said “This product is an exciting addition to our Surgical portfolio managed by Phil Scott, Surgical business unit leader. Obex has across its wide portfolio introduced many innovative products to the New Zealand market in the past 37 years that have made a real difference in assisting the patient’s recovery, quality of life and improving their clinical outcomes. Our recent collaboration with The Insides Company will align perfectly with the Obex vision and be the start of another exciting, and beneficial relationship”

The Insides Company is a developer and manufacturer of a portfolio of regulated medical devices that are used for treating patients with intestinal conditions, including colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. The company’s medical devices have been shown to have a significant impact on improving health outcomes in patients with intestinal failure.

Obex Medical, founded in 1983, are a key distributor of healthcare products in New Zealand and Australia, and have a specialised team dedicated to the surgical specialities including Colorectal surgery.

About Obex Medical

Obex is an industry leader in advancing clinical education, and has a high level of clinical and technical expertise with a strong focus on meeting the changing needs of healthcare in Australasia. Obex’s purpose is to meet the needs of healthcare professionals with the supply of minimally invasive consumable and implantable devices which will enable the delivery of the best diagnosis and therapy to ensure best outcomes for patients.

For further information please contact Pieter Wijnhoud. NZ +64 9 630 3456,

About The Insides Company

The Insides Company is a medical device company, spun out from the University of Auckland. The company is a leading provider of therapeutic Chyme Reinfusion solutions for the management of High-Output Enterocutaneous Fistulas and High-Output Ileostomies for use by Colorectal Surgeons, Stoma Nurses, and their patients.

For further information please contact Garth Sutherland. NZ +64 9 887 9309,

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