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The Insides Company and Sanyko d.o.o. Sign Distribution Agreement for Croatia

The Insides Company and Sanyko d.o.o. Sign Distribution Agreement for Croatia

January 24, 2023

Source:The Insides Company Limited

On:Jan 24, 2023

Organisations:The Insides Company Limited, Sanyko d.o.o

The Insides Company has signed a Distribution Agreement with Sanyko d.o.o. for distributing The Insides Company's products in Croatia.

Sanyko d.o.o. will make The Insides® System available to Croatian patients with intestinal failure, as the platform of products enables easy chyme reinfusion, which results in weight gain, restoration of liver and kidney function, reversal of intestinal atrophy, restoration of microbiota, and a reduction in the risk of line-sepsis.

Ivana Hajon, Acting Director of Sanyko d.o.o. said “Sanyko is very enthusiastic about entering this new agreement that allows us to add to our mission to provide hospital-care patients with access to the latest trends in the world medical devices industry.”

Garth Sutherland, CEO of The Insides Company said “it has been great getting to know the team at Sanyko d.o.o. receive their plans to sell our products in Croatia. The Sanyko team brings established relationships with key customers in intestinal rehabilitation. Our products offer a strong clinical and economic proposition for patients suffering from intestinal failure, and for their providers.”

About Sanyko d.o.o

Sanyko d.o.o. is a Croatian company specializing in the representation and distribution of medical products intended for healthcare institutions in the Republic of Croatia.

Since its establishment in 1990, the Sanyko company has represented the world's most renowned manufacturers of medical equipment and medical consumables, with the mission to introduce the latest methods in the field of patient care, as well as supply Croatian health institutions with the latest technology in the field of medical equipment.

About The Insides Company

The Insides Company Limited is a leading provider of automated chyme reinfusion solutions for the therapeutic treatment of intestinal failure that has resulted from either a high-output enterocutaneous fistula or enterostomy.


The Insides Company

Garth Sutherland, CEO

Phone:+64 9 887 9309

Sanyko d.o.o

Ivana Hajon, Acting Director

Phone:+385 1 2331 041

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