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The Insides Company’s Chyme Reinfusion System Features in The Latest Colorectal Disease Journal

The Insides Company’s Chyme Reinfusion System Features in The Latest Colorectal Disease Journal

March 29, 2021

Press Release

Source: The Insides Company Limited

On: 9:00am Auckland, Monday 29th March 2021

Companies: The Insides Company Limited


In March 2019, the ‘Colorectal Disease’ Journal published a case study from Westmead Hospital in Sydney, Australia, titled Chyme reinfusion nutritional management for enterocutaneous fistula: first international application of a novel pump technique. The case study outlines the successful experience with The Insides® System with a patient with an enterocutaneous fistula. The study “showed promising results in maintaining nutritional status as well as providing a minimally invasive, easy to use and low‐cost system”.


A video associated with the publication has been uploaded online to provide further detail on the technique, which can be found here -


The Insides Company would like to thank the amazing work from colorectal surgeons Edgardo Solis, Danette Wright, Greg O’Grady and Grahame Ctercteko for their efforts in getting this case study published in the Colorectal Disease Journal.


The Colorectal Disease journal features the latest articles in clinical and diagnostic research for healthcare professionals who care for patients with diseases of the lower gastrointestinal tract.



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The Insides Company Limited is a leading provider of therapeutic chyme reinfusion solutions for the management of high-output enteroatmospheric fistulas and high-output Ileostomies.



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