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Feasibility Study on Postoperative Outcomes of Ileostomy Patients using The Insides System Published in Diseases of Colon & Rectum

Feasibility Study on Postoperative Outcomes of Ileostomy Patients using The Insides System Published in Diseases of Colon & Rectum

October 10, 2021

Press Release

Source: The Insides Company

Date: 10th October 2021

In October 2021, a feasibility study assessing the postoperative outcomes of ileostomy patients performing automated chyme reinfusion using The Insides® System, titled "Stoma-Output Reinfusion Device for Ileostomy Patients”, was published in Volume 64, Issue 11 of Diseases of Colon & Rectum.

The Insides System is an automated chyme reinfusion solution for intestinal failure and intestinal rehabilitation.

The Insides System is developed by The Insides Company and compromises of The Insides® Driver, The Insides® Tube and The Insides® Pump, which are purpose-built for the procedure of automated chyme reinfusion.

The feasibility study assessed the usability of chyme reinfusion using The Insides Tube compared to standard gastrostomy feeding tubes and the postoperative outcomes of patients following enterostomy reversal, including reduction in length of stay and recovery of bowel function (GI2).

The feasibility study demonstrated an improved acceptability and ease of use index with The Insides Tube compared to the off-the-shelf gastrostomy feeding tube. 100% of patients using The Insides Tube developed bowel movements following initiation of chyme reinfusion. Median length of stay following enterostomy reversal was 3.5 days with median time to GI2 being 72 hours.

Overall, the feasibility study demonstrated that automated chyme reinfusion has the potential to prevent dehydration, enable bowel rehabilitation and restoration of gut function for loop ileostomy patients awaiting reversal.

The Insides Company would like to thank the outstanding work from Dr Chen Liu, Professor Greg O’Grady, and Professor Ian Bissett for their efforts in publishing this feasibility study in the Diseases of Colon and Rectum.

A link to the article can be found below:

Stoma-Output Reinfusion Device for Ileostomy Patients

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