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SFNCM JDP Spring Meeting

Welcome to the city of the Archangel.

We are very happy to meet you under our sweet Riviera sun for these SFNCM Spring Days dedicated to the nutrition of seniors.

Eating better to age well will be the main theme of the day on June 8. At a time when new modes of consumption that are more respectful of the environment are emerging and diets of all kinds appear, what about our elders?

Which support is the most suitable?

In oncogeriatrics, diabetology, how to optimize nutritional intake?

Artificial nutrition at home will be the theme of the day on June 9 with such exciting topics as quality of life, obstacles to returning home and new recommendations on micronutrients.

Take the opportunity to enjoy a walk along the seaside, from the convention center to the city center and further on Fréjus. Go and discover the flower market and the alleys of old Saint-Raphaël. Do not forget to visit Mr. De Funès in his pretty museum and rediscover those moments of happiness that he gave us.

And then perhaps you will want to extend your stay and stay a little longer with us to share the sweetness of our beautiful city.

We hope with the whole of the organizing committee that these days will be as rich in exchanges, meetings, new ideas as in sunshine and warmth.

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