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ESPEN 2024


On behalf of the Italian Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (SINPE), we would like to invite you to the 46th ESPEN Congress 2024, which will be held for the 4th time in Italy.

After the congresses in Milan (1984), Rome (1995), and Florence (2008) the Italian society would like to welcome you to Milan again. Milan is Italy’s city of the future, a fast-paced metropolis where creativity is big business and looking good is an art form. Ruled by the Caesars, the Spanish, Napoléon, the Austro-Hungarians, Milan has an ancient and fascinating history. After the unification of Italy in 1861, it also became a key industrial and cultural centre – a title it still holds today.

In close collaboration with the ESPEN Committee Members, we have developed an attractive program that aims to be a landmark in ESPEN’s continuing effort to improve Nutritional Care and -Education.

We are convinced that the programme of ESPEN 2024 offers a great opportunity for physicians, dietitians, pharmacists, nutritionists, scientists and nurses involved in the field of nutrition and metabolism to meet and discuss cutting edge science in an informal atmosphere, strengthening old and sparkling new collaborations.

We sincerely hope to meet you in Milan in 2024!

Luca Gianotti

Michela Zanetti

Emanuele Cereda

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