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10th ESPEN SYMPOSIUM Nutrition for the older adult Current concepts

The 10th ESPEN Symposium, focusing on "Nutrition for the Older Adult - Current Concepts," is set to take place in Istanbul, Turkey, on December 3-4, 2023. This highly recommended event boasts a distinguished organizing committee, including experts like Osman Abbasoglu and Nathalie Delzenne, and a stellar faculty lineup. The symposium's preliminary program promises two days of in-depth exploration of critical topics related to geriatric nutrition. On the first day, Sunday, December 3, the morning is dedicated to the "LLL Course on Nutrition in Older Adults," led by Course Director Stéphane Schneider and featuring prominent speakers like Jürgen Bauer and Tommy Cederholm. The afternoon continues with an engaging scientific program covering various aspects of geriatric nutrition, such as malnutrition screening, assessment, inflammation, and sarcopenia. On Monday, December 4, the symposium delves into frailty, neurology, cognition, and current challenges in nutritional treatment for older adults. It concludes with insights from experts like Miia Kivipelto and Carla Wunderle. The event takes place at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Istanbul Şişli, and attendees can enjoy translation services and other amenities.

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