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we love the gut - The Insides Companywe love the gut - The Insides CompanyWe Love the Gut - The Insides Companywe love the gut - The Insides Companywe love the gut - The Insides CompanyWe love the gut - The Insides Company
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Succus Entericus
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At the heart of our mission is a commitment to universal access to chyme reinfusion therapy.
Through our revolutionary products and comprehensive education,we aim to establish a new standard of care that ensuresevery patient can benefit from this life-changing therapy.

The Insides® System

For adult intestinal failure and recovery

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The Insides® Neo

For pediatric necrotizing enterocolitis and growth

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Dr Kathryn Thomas
Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

"Having suffered a catastrophic health event, KB valued the opportunity to control his condition afforded by the reinfusion system. He has been supported by nutrition and stoma nurses both in hospital and at home. He attended the Hospital every 3-4 weeks for planned changes of his jejunostomy tube by the Consultant Surgeon with the support of the Stoma Care Team, who addressed issues or concerns related to stoma management or The Insides® System. Successful surgery to reverse his jejunostomy was undertaken at 5 months following his original presentation."

Katy Martin-Skurr
CNS Stomal Therapy

"After three months, The Insides® System was initiated, and a gastrostomy tube was inserted to start reinfusing Mary’s chyme. A low residue, high protein, low calorie diet was commenced and the TPN was discontinued soon after. Mary was independent with chyme reinfusing after three weeks and was discharged home. By starting chyme reinfusion, it was found that Mary’s output and subsequent leaks were reduced because chyme was drawn away (and reinfused) which stopped the pooling and ostomy appliance failures."

Taylor Harrington
NICU Nurse

"Although the time that Chloe spent undergoing chyme reinfusion therapy via The Insides® Neo device was short, it was beneficial to her surgical recovery. With the commencement of chyme reinfusion therapy at 32+6 weeks corrected gestation age, her static weight trend halted and she tracked along the 3rd centile nicely until her reanastomosis at 34+6 weeks corrected gestation age.  After her reanastomosis, you can see a rapid weight gain postoperatively during the time she was on gut rest and full TPN."

Key Clinical Benefits of Chyme Reinfusion
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Earlier return to oral feeding1

Patients able to recommence oral feeding

Improved nutritional outcome2

Increase in nutritional risk index by 10.9 (± 9.5) with a 85% reduction in intestinal losses

Improved restoration of gut function3

Limiting gut atrophy and inflammation

Improved renal function4-5

Prevents dehydration and reduces the potential for chronic kidney disease

Improved liver function5-6

53% reduction in plasma liver test abnormalities

Wean off Parenteral Nutrition6

>91% of patients weaned off parenteral nutrition within a median of 2 days (± 9)